In recent years, Kia has launched a range of attractive models that are a stylish blend of comfort, practicality and a host of top-of-the-line features for attracting the youth across Oman. Thanks to this unique combination of product quality and RIA's aggresive marketing, Kia is rapidly growing in popularity in the country.

Sales Network
Location Tel
Wattayah 24579800
Seeb 24550200
Bahla 25420875
Bani Bu Ali 25554148
Barka 26887600
Bidaya 26709414
Bureimi 25650041
Ibra 25571167
Ibri 25691398
Nizwa 25411587
Rustaq 26875139
Salalah 23211460
Sinaw 25524068
Sohar 26858600
Sumail 25350210
Sur 25540688
Suwaiq 26860301
Saham 26855844