Chery Automobile Officially Partners Saud Bahwan Group

2023-09-05T05:58:08+00:00 September, 2023|

Recently, Chery Automobile signed a distribution agreement with Oman’s renowned Corporate – Saud Bahwan Group.

Attending the signing ceremony were Zhang Guibing (President, Chery International), Qin Chao (Vice President), Shen Xiantian (General Manager, Chery MENA), Mohammed Saud Bahwan (Chairman, Saud Bahwan Group) and Abdullah Mohamed Bahwan (Managing Director – Corporate, Saud Bahwan Group).

At the event Mr. Zhang Guibing placed high hopes on Chery’s return to Oman’s vibrant automotive market and said that, with the iteration of the technology and the expansion of its global business, Chery will provide Oman’s market with more competitive products and it is believed that this cooperation will achieve remarkable results.

Mr. Mohammed Saud Bahwan, Chairman, Saud Bahwan Group, asserted confidence in Chery’s brand concept and product strength. He said that in the future, the group will fully support Chery in quickly opening up Oman’s auto market utilizing the Group’s various strengths.

As one of the largest business houses in Oman, Saud Bahwan Group has an impressive portfolio of globally renowned automotive brands. The Group also has a very strong sales and after-sales service network throughout Oman, and has built a strong reputation for offering some of the finest customer experiences.

After 26 years of development, Chery adheres to the brand concept of technology, green, family and companionship.

With the corporate vision of building an auto brand with international competitiveness and influence, Chery has ranked first in China’s auto exports for 20 consecutive years and its brand strength has continued to rise.

From January to June 2023, the total export volume of Chery Automobiles is 394,000. Up to now, Chery’s cumulative global users have exceeded 12 million, and overseas users have exceeded 2 million. Chery’s auto products have won the title of “Most Popular Chinese Automobile Brand” in many countries around the world.

By establishing a partnership with Saud Bahwan Group, Chery Automobile will not only further expand its overseas sales network, but will also promote localized operations with the help of the Group’s experience.

In the future, Saud Bahwan Group will establish Chery showrooms and after-sales service agencies in major cities in Oman to promote enriching customer experiences. Chery is expected to grow its presence to become one of the top brands in Oman in the coming years and strengthening local consumers’ awareness of Chinese brands further fulfilling the mission of Chinese brands going global.