Our Legacy


    Turning brands into market leaders… Setting benchmarks, creating standards… Continuous innovation & excellence.

    Spreading smiles, touching people’s lives with quality products & supporting them through world class service, has made the group a household name.

    Saud Bahwan Group is renowned for consistently propelling brands to leadership status through strategic investments in infrastructure, marketing and customer care. Apart from Toyota, the Group’s Blue Chip portfolio comprises Lexus, Ford, Lincoln, Kia,  Kato, MAN, Komatsu & Yokohama, amongst many other world-class names.

    Saud Bahwan Group’s nationwide presence even in the remotest locations of Oman ensures that the Group’s activities continue to make a positive difference in Automotive & Allied businesses, Heavy Vehicles, Construction Equipment, Turnkey Projects, Industrial Equipment, Municipal & Civic Services, Manufacturing, Property & Real Estate and Travel & Tourism.

  • The Making Of A Legend

    Generations ago, in the early 1800s, Abdullah Bahwan from Sur, a place famed for its seafaring traditions, followed his father’s tradition of trading and embarked on numerous voyages across the seas.

    With great courage and huge ambitions he reached the farthest shores and brought back memorable success stories of his numerous trades.

    The Bahwan family traded successfully with merchants from various countries, including Africa, Zanzibar (Which was a colony of Oman), Iraq, Yemen and India.

    With every nautical mile Abdullah Bahwan charted, he was setting a tradition so rich that it would come to be known across the country as one of the finest Corporate Houses in Oman – The Saud Bahwan Group.

  • Forging A Timeless Tradition

    Way back in the 1890s, an enthusiastic young man, Salim Abdullah Bahwan followed in the footsteps of his father Abdullah Bahwan, adding new annals to the dauntless courage and inflexible endurance that unfolded over generations.

    Remaining true to his heritage, Salim Abdullah Bahwan undertook dangerous and challenging voyages across the vast seas…carrying forward the torch of established tradition.

    His steely determination made his trade flourish and progress.

    Not afraid to explore, he boldly travelled to new vistas, new realms…In doing so, he opened up many new trading channels in far-flung shores that few have ventured to…

    On the sheer dint of his untiring efforts and unbending courage, he ushered in a new level of prosperity. On his voyages across the seas, he was accompanied by his young son – a mere boy of nine.

  • Succeeding Through The Power Of Dreams

    As a young boy, Saud Bahwan, the father of the present Chairman used to accompany his father, Salim Abdullah Bahwan on numerous trading voyages. The business consisted of exporting goods such as dried dates and dried fish in exchange for rice, sugar, sweet oil, spices, textiles, building materials and other basic commodities. These trading activities continued for many years. His fascinating success story revolving around his belief that “There is no substitute for hard work and aiming high. One should not worry but should set ambitious goals and work hard with passion.”
    In the sixties, the Bahwan family relocated to Muscat. An astute businessman, Saud Bahwan recognised the importance of quality and value-for-money, intrinsic to Japanese brands. During the mid 1960s, Japanese products from watches, to electronics and air-conditioners to other durables, were in high demand due to their operational reliability. They were looked at as essential household products. Keen to break new grounds, in the 1960s, Saud Bahwan had strategically decided to market Toshiba products, that were very well priced and ideal for the competitive marketing environment in Oman. After the success of Toshiba in Oman, agencies for renowned Japanese brands, Seiko and Akai too were acquired.
    It was an opportune moment…the golden era of Oman had begun under the wise and able leadership of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said. There was all-round growth and development.

  • Marching Into The Modern Era

    “To be able to recognise opportunities, one must be armed with high aspirations, a positive attitude and an open mind. Then only is one able to seize opportunity to one’s advantage…”
    The benevolent leadership of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said brought smiles on people’s faces. There was spring in everyone’s step and Oman was ready to take on the world.
    As a Group, the family was involved in all kinds of commodities, from building materials to medical and pharmacies, engineering and electronics. However, since the founder Chairman Saud Bahwan and the current Chairman Mohammed Saud Bahwan, were more focused on the automotive side and that was an area that they did best, the founder Chairman saw a very bright future for Toyota here in Oman.
    The founder Chairman started discussions with Toyota in the late sixties and although it took time for the agreements to be signed, it developed on from there. Saud Bahwan Group’s continuing voyage of excellence soon made Toyota an essential fabric of the society and the most trusted and respected automotive brand in Oman. The Group soon became synonymous with reliability, trust and professionalism. Thereafter, reputed Japanese and international brands were chosen turning them into market leaders.

  • Breaking New Ground

    Turning brands into market leaders…Setting benchmarks, creating standards…Continuous innovation & excellence.
    “Hard work, sacrifice, perseverance, competitive drive and respect for the past are important qualities for success” – this is the belief with which Mr. Mohammed Saud Bahwan, the present Chairman lives by.
    What began has blossomed into a highly renowned venture…a relationship that has been recognised and honoured with some of the highest and the most prestigious awards.
    Today Saud Bahwan Group, under Chairman Mohammed Saud Bahwan, carries on the philosophy of making a positive difference and touching people’s lives in diverse areas. The Group continues to set benchmarks and create standards with continuous innovation and excellence in all areas of business. Including Automotive & Allied Businesses, Heavy Vehicles, Construction Equipment, Turnkey Projects, Industrial Equipment, Municipal & Civic Services, Manufacturing, Property & Real Estate and Travel & Tourism. The Group’s inspiring journey of excellence has won several accolades including ‘The Best Arab Organisation Award’ across 22 nations.
    The Sultanate of Oman, now in the midst of the 21st century, under the leadership of His Majesty Sultan Haitham Bin Tarik, is making impressive progress, treading the path of rapid growth; with a firm focus on development, stability and good governance.

  • Caring For The Society

    Caring for the society in many ways as a good corporate citizen, Mohammed Saud Bahwan, Chairman, Saud Bahwan Group, tries to ensure the social aspect of its contributions through the Saud Bahwan Charitable Foundation.
    Eager to contribute to realising the essential needs of the society, the Group has been involved in building hospitals for cardiology & heart surgery, cancer research & treatment institutes, dialysis centres etc., constructing a children’s public library and houses for the economically challenged, amongst many other similar social initiatives.

  • Carrying ForwardThe Legacy

    A proud legacy of smoothly sailing through challenges and obstacles…through unforeseen difficulties and unfamiliar hurdles…and through all of this…
    …Today, Saud Bahwan Group carries on the legacy of its founding fathers on the path that they have created. The ambitious next generation lives the prestigious family values and is focused on carrying forward this inspiring legacy for generations to follow.

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Awards and Accolades

Recognition & laurels from distinguished
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What Defines Us

Excellence is not a matter of chance, it is a matter of choice
It is not a thing to be waited for, it is a thing to be achieved

Excellence is doing better than yesterday… Every day.

Chairman’s Message

“Saud Bahwan Group has come a long way by positively touching people’s lives. For this success, I must thank our loyal customers.
I am equally proud of our talented and motivated workforce who have risen to every challenge and worked with passion and commitment to deliver excellence…”

-Mohammed Saud Bahwan

Awards & Accolades

Toyota Honours Saud Bahwan Automotive with Excellence Awards
Komatsu Honours Sheikh Mohammed Saud Bahwan with Prestigious Awards
Japan confers ‘The Order of the Rising Sun, Golden & Silver Star’ on Sheikh Mohammed Saud Bahwan

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