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Saud Bahwan Group has received numerous accolades from business leaders around the world.

  • Dr. Shoichiro Toyoda

    Dr. Shoichiro Toyoda

    Honorary Chairman – Toyota Motor Corporation, Japan

    "The partnership between Toyota Motor Corporation and Saud Bahwan Group began in...
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  • Mr. Akio Toyoda

    Mr. Akio Toyoda

    President – Toyota Motor Corporation, Japan

    "Chairman Mohammed Saud Bahwan, you have taken the initiative in upgrading customer...
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  • Mr. H.K. Lee

    Mr. H.K. Lee

    Vice Chairman – Kia Motors

    "I congratulate Sheikh Mohammed Saud Bahwan on behalf of Kia Motors family....
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  • Mr. Anton Weinmann

    Mr. Anton Weinmann

    Chairman – M.A.N. Nutzfahrzeuge

    "Saud Bahwan Group has proved that constant growth does not take one...
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  • Mr. Toshitaka Hagiwara

    Mr. Toshitaka Hagiwara

    Chairman - Komatsu Ltd. Japan

    "I would rate Saud Bahwan Group as one of the top ten...
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  • Mr. Noboru Sato

    Mr. Noboru Sato

    Executive Officer, President, Overseas Marketing, Komastu Ltd Japan

    "I am impressed by the excellent rapport that Saud Bahwan Group has...
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  • Mr. Kiyoshi Mizuhara

    Mr. Kiyoshi Mizuhara

    Senior Executive Officer, President, Construction Equipment Marketing Division, Komatsu Ltd. Japan

    "Saud Bahwan Group can be rated as one among the top distributors...
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  • Mr. Tadanobu Nagumo

    Mr. Tadanobu Nagumo

    President - Yokohama Rubber Company Ltd.

    "The Yokohama Rubber Co. Ltd and Saud Bahwan Automotive have enjoyed a...
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  • Mr. Shoji Kondo

    Mr. Shoji Kondo

    Chairman of the Board - Hino Motors Ltd.

    "I would like to extend my heartiest congratulations to Chairman, Sheikh Mohammed...
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  • Mr. Masakazu Ichikawa

    Mr. Masakazu Ichikawa

    Senior Managing Director - Hino Motors Ltd.

    "I would like to welcome Saud Bahwan Group to the Hino family...
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  • Mr. Peter Lomax

    Mr. Peter Lomax

    Country Business Leader - 3M

    "I congratulate the Saud Bahwan Group and applaud their uncompromising efforts in...
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  • Mr. Hans Bach

    Mr. Hans Bach

    Head of Marketing Communications - Standox, Germany

    "Standox is today one of the leading suppliers of automotive refinishing paints...
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