Showroom of Saud Bhawan's Group as Toyota car dealer in oman
Multiple cars getting final autoparts setup complete at saud bahwan service centre.
A big ground with multiple cars parked in several queues in saud bahwan vicinity.
Warehouse showcasing automotive parts being kept in racks
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Exclusive Toyota Car Dealer in Oman!

In Oman, Saud Bahwan Group has partnered Toyota to make it one of the most loved brands in the country. It has remained a favourite in Oman’s competitive automobile market for over four decades and continues to delight customers with world-class service and conveniences that include the impressive Toyota showroom and Toyota Service Facility at Muscat; a world class Parts Distribution Centre; a Vehicle Distribution Centre; Outstanding Customer Care initiatives and a network of integrated facilities.

Toyota is well-known across the globe for producing high-quality, high-value vehicles. It has become a global leader in the automobile industry. Toyota has ranked first in Fortune magazine’s ‘Most Respected Automobile Company’ and ‘Most Respected Japanese Company’. Its vehicles cover every possible terrain in 170 nations worldwide. Toyota automobiles are extremely dependable and long-lasting. The vehicles are very efficient, and durable, with typical Toyota standards of ruggedness and dependability. Toyota’s advanced features always stand out. Toyota is well-known for offering their consumers convenience, comfort and security. Toyota commits to offering the greatest quality care to the client with each model.

Toyota is reliable because of the following –

  • Quality
  • Durability
  • Best Resale Value
  • Top Residual Value
  • Green Vehicles
  • Top Safety Pick
  • Best Reliability

Saud Bahwan Group for all your Toyota Needs

Toyota items are exclusively distributed by Saud Bahwan Group in Oman. We’ve created new and convenient methods for you to browse, buy, and drive. We provide high-quality service and customer satisfaction as a proud dealer of Toyota Oman. With a wide range of Toyota cars in Oman, including small, sedan, SUV, MPV, and LCV choices, we are proud to be the Toyota dealership Oman of your choice! Saud Bahwan Group as an Official Toyota Car Dealer provides you with the shopping experience you’ve been looking for. With the experts at Saud Bahwan Group, it’s time to revolutionize the way you shop for your next automobile. From the test drive through the delivery and beyond, it is our objective to surpass your expectations with our dealership of Toyota Oman.

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