Prestigious ‘Excellence Awards’ bestowed on SBA by Toyota Chairman

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Mr. T. Uchiyamada, Chairman, Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) was in Oman recently on a brief visit. At a special event, he honoured Mohammed Saud Bahwan, Chairman, Saud Bahwan Group with three prestigious awards in recognition of the excellence of SBA operations.

The Toyota Chairman expressed his admiration for Oman, “The Sultanate is really a very beautiful country. What strikes me most is the dramatic and varied landscape of the country and the warmth and hospitality of the people of Oman.”

“The vision and leadership of Oman’s great leader, His Majesty Sultan Qaboos Bin Said has led to rapid growth & international recognition of Oman. What is truly remarkable is that significant economic growth has been achieved while retaining the historic charm and cultural heritage of the country,” he added.

During the awards presentation ceremony, Mr. Uchiyamada paid glowing tributes to Mohammed Saud Bahwan while presenting the ‘Gold Marketing Award’, “Thanks to the strong & dynamic leadership of the Chairman, Toyota has achieved remarkable sales performance yet again and retained its dominant position,” he said. “I congratulate SBA for the excellent achievement under very challenging conditions” he added.

Complimenting SBA on its customer-centric focus and excellent performance in after-sales support, Mr. Uchiyamada remarked, “I take great pleasure in awarding you the ‘Outstanding Customer Service Award’ for your significant achievements in Parts & Service activities to further enhance customer satisfaction.”

Further, he also commended SBA for the outstanding performance over the years and retaining its position as one of the best distributors globally; and remarked, “I am delighted to now present you with the most prestigious ‘Overall Diamond Marketing Award’. Congratulations! You are one of the select few Toyota distributors in the world to have achieved this distinction.”
Accepting the awards, Mohammed Saud Bahwan said, “I take this opportunity to acknowledge the close cooperation and excellent support extended to us by TMC, without which these achievements would not have been possible, for which I convey my sincere thanks.”

“These prestigious awards mean a lot to us at Saud Bahwan Automotive,” He continued, “I humbly dedicate them to our Staff and all our Customers, whose loyalty has made Toyota the most admired brand in the country.”

Earlier in the day, Mr. Uchiyamada toured the various facilities of the Group. He showered praise on the ultra-modern Toyota / Lexus showrooms & Service centres at Muscat, which are one of the biggest in the world.

The Toyota Chairman appreciated that SBA has tailored its vehicle servicing systems and capabilities according to Toyota’s ‘3S Spirit’ (Seikaku, Shinsetsu, Shinrai:: Precision, Kindness, and Reliability). Today, SBA has the world’s largest Toyota service facility at Muscat and a network of service centres spread all across Oman. A sophisticated Mega Body Shop in Muscat undertakes body repairs / crash repairs employing Toyota assembly line repair systems. SBA also has a state-of-the-art central Parts Distribution Centre sprawling over 60,000 sq. metres which has consistently been ranked amongst the best in the world.

At the conclusion of his visit Mr. Uchiyamada remarked, “I am truly impressed…your facilities are not only world class but also amongst the biggest & best, globally!”

Mr. Uchiyamada’s visit to Oman is a true reflection of the importance that Toyota Motor Corporation attaches to this country.