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Way back in the 1890s, an enthusiastic young man, Salim Abdullah Bahwan followed in the footsteps of his father Abdullah Bahwan, adding new annals to the dauntless courage and inflexible endurance that unfolded over generations.

Remaining true to his heritage, Salim Abdullah Bahwan undertook dangerous and challenging voyages across the vast seas…carrying forward the torch of established tradition.

His steely determination made his trade flourish and progress.

Not afraid to explore, he boldly travelled to new vistas, new realms…In doing so, he opened up many new trading channels in far-flung shores that few have ventured to…

On the sheer dint of his untiring efforts and unbending courage, he ushered in a new level of prosperity. On his voyages across the seas, he was accompanied by his young son – a mere boy of nine.