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As a young boy, Saud Bahwan, the father of the present Chairman used to accompany his father, Salim Abdullah Bahwan on numerous trading voyages. The business consisted of exporting goods such as dried dates and dried fish in exchange for rice, sugar, sweet oil, spices, textiles, building materials and other basic commodities. These trading activities continued for many years. His fascinating success story revolving around his belief that “There is no substitute for hard work and aiming high. One should not worry but should set ambitious goals and work hard with passion.”
In the sixties, the Bahwan family relocated to Muscat. An astute businessman, Saud Bahwan recognised the importance of quality and value-for-money, intrinsic to Japanese brands. During the mid 1960s, Japanese products from watches, to electronics and air-conditioners to other durables, were in high demand due to their operational reliability. They were looked at as essential household products. Keen to break new grounds, in the 1960s, Saud Bahwan had strategically decided to market Toshiba products, that were very well priced and ideal for the competitive marketing environment in Oman. After the success of Toshiba in Oman, agencies for renowned Japanese brands, Seiko and Akai too were acquired.
It was an opportune moment…the golden era of Oman had begun under the wise and able leadership of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said. There was all-round growth and development.