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“To be able to recognise opportunities, one must be armed with high aspirations, a positive attitude and an open mind. Then only is one able to seize opportunity to one’s advantage…”
The benevolent leadership of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said brought smiles on people’s faces. There was spring in everyone’s step and Oman was ready to take on the world.
As a Group, the family was involved in all kinds of commodities, from building materials to medical and pharmacies, engineering and electronics. However, since the founder Chairman Saud Bahwan and the current Chairman Mohammed Saud Bahwan, were more focused on the automotive side and that was an area that they did best, the founder Chairman saw a very bright future for Toyota here in Oman.
The founder Chairman started discussions with Toyota in the late sixties and although it took time for the agreements to be signed, it developed on from there. Saud Bahwan Group’s continuing voyage of excellence soon made Toyota an essential fabric of the society and the most trusted and respected automotive brand in Oman. The Group soon became synonymous with reliability, trust and professionalism. Thereafter, reputed Japanese and international brands were chosen turning them into market leaders.