Toyota Honours Saud Bahwan Automotive with Excellence Awards

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Toyota Motor Corporation acknowledges Saud Bahwan Automotive as one of the Top 5 Distributors, Worldwide.

At a special ceremony held at Toyota Motor Corporation Headquarters in Japan, Mr. Mohammed Saud Bahwan, Chairman, Saud Bahwan Group was honoured with three prestigious awards.

Mr. Hisayuki Inoue, Senior Managing Officer personally presented the ‘Toyota Marketing Award (Overall)’ and the ‘Toyota Marketing Award for Excellence (Vehicle Sales)’ to the Chairman, in recognition of the outstanding sales performance of Saud Bahwan Automotive.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Inoue praised the Chairman and his team, “Thanks to the strong leadership of Mr. Mohammed Saud Bahwan, Saud Bahwan Automotive has exhibited a remarkable performance,” he said.

“SBA has maintained its Number One position in Oman and achieved record sales, yet again. Congratulations! We were very glad and encouraged to hear the news because these record sales were achieved under very competitive conditions,” he added.

“I believe that without your strong leadership and wise decisions on investing aggressively on Infrastructure and Human Resources, this fantastic achievement may not have been possible,” he underlined.

Mr. Inoue also presented the distinguished ‘Outstanding Customer Service’ award – in appreciation of Saud Bahwan Automotive’s initiatives to reach out to the customers.

Applauding SBA’s customer orientation, Mr. Inoue added, “We at Toyota rate SBA as one of the Top 5 distributors, worldwide. We greatly appreciate SBA’s commitment to Customer Satisfaction, which is reflected in all your actions. We are fully supportive of SBA’s policy to stay close to customers, fulfill their expectations and keep improving on customer service.”

“We are very happy that SBA is the winner of the Outstanding Customer Service Award for its commendable achievement in the area of Parts and Service.

Appreciating the Group’s progressive outlook, he said, “We would like to compliment Chairman Mr. Mohammed Saud Bahwan for his dynamic leadership. His guidance and vision has led to outstanding performance, year after year.”

Accepting the prestigious awards, Mr. Mohammed Saud Bahwan said, “I take this opportunity to gratefully acknowledge the close cooperation and excellent support extended to us by Toyota Motor Corporation, without which our achievement wouldn’t have been possible.”

“These prestigious awards mean a lot to us at Saud Bahwan Automotive. I humbly dedicate these awards to all our Toyota customers in Oman, whose loyalty has made Toyota the most admired brand in the country,” he concluded.