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Omani Women’s Association2020-03-15T20:03:38+00:00


The largest charity organization in Oman, Saud Bahwan Charitable Foundation (SBCF) is engaged in supporting diverse social causes and its nationwide activities are apparent in various spheres of greatest need. While most of the projects are directly handled by Saud Bahwan Charitable Foundation (SBCF), it also undertakes projects jointly with Ministries / Institutions.

Headed by Chairman Mohammed Saud Bahwan, the prime objective of the Saud Bahwan Charitable Foundation (SBCF) is helping those in need.

Some of its major charity initiatives include Child Care & Education, Health Care, Housing & Mosque, amongst other forms of assistance.

OMANI WOMEN’S ASSOCIATION This association aims to promote the level of Omani women and integrate them in different developmental aspects. It also serves to broaden the basis of voluntary work by women in terms of number and geographical locations. Towards this end, the women are provided with training to ensure a respectable source of livelihood. The association also receives sewing machines for use by women. Apart from financial aid, women are able to commute freely to the centre aboard the buses that are provided for their use.